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Don't Lose Your Patients to Tech-Savvy Competitors

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Los Angeles Convention Center
February 25-28, 2024

Come ViVE with Us, !

If your clinicians and patients are frustrated by user-unfriendly digital experiences, we can help! Xealth is not just “one more thing” for them to do.

Discover how doctors can order, deliver, and monitor care from one unified platform without having to access multiple systems.

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Don't Lose Your Patients to Tech-Savvy Competitors

Digital Health is here to stay, read how to stay in the fight.

Insights on how digital health is reshaping surgery, chronic care, and preventive services.

Discover real-world examples of healthcare systems successfully integrating digital solutions to improve patient outcomes and drive operational efficiency.

Ready to digitally engage more patients and close care gaps? 

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Our solution is the toast of the industry.
Here is a sampling of our awards.
ORACLE Cerner - Client Value Award
Top Digital Therapeutics Companies Report
Xealth - Fierce Healthcare's Fierce 15 of 2023